Meet Our Doulas

Jocelyn Albertson, Doula at New World Doula Services LLC South Shore Massachusetts             Jocelyn Albertson’s desire to empower birthing women and passion for all things to do with birth has led her to be a highly recommended birth and postpartum doula on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  She strongly believes in the transformative power of birth and in a woman’s innate ability to birth her baby in the way that feels right to her.  She believes it is important to support and honor the choices a mother makes, as well as act as a resource and provide the information she needs to make informed choices about her care.  Jocelyn has extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.  She established New World Doula Services, LLC in 2012.      

             She is an active member of Holistic Moms Network and the La Leche League of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & Vermont.  She has also spoken on the benefits of having a birth doula at a La Leche League meeting and was a featured speaker at NICE-Natural Infant and Child Expo in March of 2016.  She co-owns a natural parenting store, Instinctive Parent, which includes a cloth diaper service, Full Moon Diapers located in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

             Jocelyn lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts with her husband Neil, 2 daughters (7 and 4) and their 2 dogs (a long-haired miniature dachshund and dachshund mix rescue).  


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        With over 20 years of experience in the childcare field, Shannon has been a source of support for hundreds of families. Her desire to help women during pregnancy and childbirth made for a smooth transition in to the role of doula. 

Shannon began studying with ProDoula and strives to bring families the best possible care during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. She prides herself on her ability to serve women through this process in the manner that best suits their family. 

Shannon is actively working to better herself as a doula by continually attending trainings on all things birth related. She believes that her role is important to encourage, support and guide women through the miracle of childbirth. 

Shannon lives in Bourne, Massachusetts with her husband Nik and their two young sons.

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   Sheila has been working with children and families for nearly 30 years. Her adoration of children and the desire to help a family unit bloomed when she took on the role of a nanny for a family with a toddler and newborn. Sheila understands how important helping one another truly is in strengthening the family bond and connection of its members. She truly believes in the saying, “It takes a village!”  It was a natural progression for her to study in the field of Early Childhood Education and Psychology at BSU. 

When the opportunity to become a doula presented itself, it became clear to Sheila that this was a path to follow, the next step in her journey of helping others. She began studying with ProDoula and understands that this is a time of transition for families, and she is ready to help each individual member in any way that is best for them. She believes she can make a difference in the quality of life for the families she works with. Sheila continues to expand her knowledge and expertise by attending trainings and workshops in all things related to the postpartum period.

Sheila is honored to offer Postpartum & Infant Care doula services. She lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts with her husband.

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​​​   Surey’s journey as a birth and postpartum professional began from a very early age, when she would volunteer to help moms and care for babies at family and community events. As a teenager, when she first learned that having a child did not have to be like the scary, chaotic scenes she’d always seen on TV growing up, her interest only grew.

She holds a B.A. in Anthropology, an M.A. in Archaeology & Heritage Management, and focused on cultural norms and practices surrounding gender identity, sexuality, and the construction of womanhood throughout her academic career. As time passed, however, her fascination with childbirth and supporting growing families kept beckoning.

When she had the opportunity to support her baby sister in having her first baby, she knew she had found her calling. From that time on, she has never stopped learning and supporting families in having their best birth experience and transition to life with a new baby. She is a certified Labor Doula, Postpartum & Infant Care Doula, Postpartum Placenta Specialist, Belly Bind Wrap Artist, ​Certified Lactation Counselor, Child Passenger Safety Technician, and Childbirth Educator.

Surey lives in southern Massachusetts with her husband, Paul, and their mischievous Balinese cat, Loki.

28381096_10155406794973364_760611084_n​​​   From cosmetology to surrogacy to postpartum doula care, Cara has been supporting women for 15 years.  She seeks to reaffirm her client’s instincts and parenting decisions, hoping to provide them with the rest that they need to recover from birth and the confidence needed to take the best care of her child(ren).

Cara began studying with ProDoula and has built a large part of her experience on caring for families with multiples. She offers mainly overnight support to help families adjust and get the sleep and guidance they need during this major life transition.

Cara’s family hosts summer exchange students from Spain through Let’s Boston and they are currently land stewards for the Buzzards Bay Coalition. Cara lives in Southern Massachusetts with her husband, their two children whom she homeschools, and their yorkie terrier.

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Erinn has always found pregnancy and birth to be a beautiful part of life. Her first birth experience was supporting a young mother in 2002. Her goal is to provide families with the information and support that they need in order to have the most positive birth experience possible. She encourages families to know their options and make informed decisions because the choices they make will affect their family and no one else. Erinn fully supports all types of birth and the decisions a mother makes. She believes in working in conjunction with the partner or support person and encourages them to play as active a role as they are comfortable.

She attended Bridgewater State and has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. She has a passion for learning and continues to educate herself on all matters regarding birth and postpartum.

Erinn lives in the midcape area with her husband, daughter (14), son (11), and seven chickens.


Andrea is a CAPPA-trained postpartum doula and also a mother of 3 children under the age of 5. Needless to say, she is well-versed in organized chaos!

Andrea taught as an elementary school art teacher for 5 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. These experiences, in addition to her previous work in the early intervention, early childhood education, and special education fields, and several years spent working as a nanny, have prepared her greatly for a role as a postpartum doula.

Andrea personally understands the difficult, overwhelming, confusing, and absolutely magical experiences that the postpartum period brings. She will do her best each day to make sure that new and seasoned mothers and their partners feel supported, comforted, well rested, well fed, and confident in their parenting abilities. Andrea is very excited to be able to facilitate an enriching postpartum experience for local families through day-time support services.

Andrea lives in Kingston, MA with her husband, babies, and one-eyed rescue Boston Terrier, Sally.


Lindsay has always made family and children a priority in her life and the work of a birth doula is the perfect compliment to her every day job as a massage therapist. She was drawn to becoming a doula while in college and pursued her doula training after having her second child when she knew the time was right.

Lindsay has bachelor degrees in Athletic Training and Physical Education, and is 500 hour certified in yoga. She became a licensed massage therapist in 2013 and found her passion in working with pregnant mothers. After careful consideration, she took on the CAPPA certification to become a birth doula. It is Lindsay’s hope to meld all of her loves into an all-encompassing offering: yoga, massage and doula work in order to create a whole body and mind experience.

    Lindsay lives in Plymouth with her husband Chris and their three young daughters.