Meet Our Doulas

Jocelyn Albertson, Doula at New World Doula Services LLC South Shore Massachusetts             Jocelyn Albertson’s desire to empower birthing women and passion for all things to do with birth has led her to be a highly recommended birth and postpartum doula on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  She strongly believes in the transformative power of birth and in a woman’s innate ability to birth her baby in the way that feels right to her.  She believes it is important to support and honor the choices a mother makes, as well as act as a resource and provide the information she needs to make informed choices about her care.  Jocelyn has extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.  She established New World Doula Services, LLC in 2012.      

             She is an active member of Holistic Moms Network and the La Leche League of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & Vermont.  She has also spoken on the benefits of having a birth doula at a La Leche League meeting and was a featured speaker at NICE-Natural Infant and Child Expo in March of 2016.  She co-owns a natural parenting store, Instinctive Parent, which includes a cloth diaper service, Full Moon Diapers located in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

             Jocelyn lives in Duxbury, Massachusetts with her husband Neil, 2 daughters (6 and 3) and their 2 dogs (a long-haired miniature dachshund and dachshund mix rescue).  


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Shannon headshot

        With over 20 years of experience in the childcare field, Shannon has been a source of support for hundreds of families. Her desire to help women during pregnancy and childbirth made for a smooth transition in to the role of doula. 

Shannon began studying with ProDoula and strives to bring families the best possible care during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. She prides herself on her ability to serve women through this process in the manner that best suits their family. 

Shannon is actively working to better herself as a doula by continually attending trainings on all things birth related. She believes that her role is important to encourage, support and guide women through the miracle of childbirth. 

Shannon lives in Bourne, Massachusetts with her husband Nik and their two young sons.