Client Testimonials:

“This was my first pregnancy and my husband and I both wanted a doula for additional support.  Having Jocelyn by our side during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum was a huge blessing.  Jocelyn was willing to meet with us in-person for an interview, and immediately we both felt very comfortable around her.  She was very knowledgeable, experienced and able to answer our questions.  She was a perfect fit for us.  She came to our home twice during pregnancy.  We had a lot of questions, a multiple paged birth plan and a need for help.  She understood exactly what we were looking for and was able to support our needs.  Jocelyn answered our questions & followed-up with additional researched information after we met.  She helped us improve our birth plan, spent time educating us about pregnancy stages, labor, delivery, and showed us helpful massage as well as pressure-points for labor. Her love for her work helped my husband & I feel more comfortable as we neared our due date.  I went into labor a month early at the earliest morning hours and Jocelyn quickly came and stayed with us until after our son was born.  I was having back-labor pains and we were trying our best to manage the pain, my husband and I reminisce of the moment Jocelyn came into our birthing center room, dropped her bags and immediately helped alleviate the pressure!  My husband was hands on, so she assisted him by reminding him of the ways he could be a helpful part.  She was an advocate for us during the whole labor and delivery.  Her caring voice, positive attitude and encouragement were a blessing!  Jocelyn stayed for a while after our son was born and helped during my first nursing.  She came to our home for a postpartum visit shortly after we left the birthing center.  She provided the emotional and physical comfort my husband and I needed during these moments.  We highly recommend her to anyone!  We will definitely have Jocelyn’s professional service as a doula for our next pregnancy!”      ~Lynsey, Taunton, MA 
“I had a wonderful experience with Jocelyn Albertson as my doula.  My labor began early in the morning on November 27th, and I called Jocelyn almost immediately after speaking with my ob/gyn.  I loved Jocelyn’s calm, reassuring demeanor and she was very attentive to my needs – did I want her there yet or did I think it would be best to wait a few hours?  Then, that afternoon when it seemed like things were progressing, she was there right away and even went for a walk with my husband and I to try to help bring on labor.  She was with us in the hospital from the beginning, and even when it became clear that my labor was going to be longer than anticipated, she really put my needs first to make sure she could be there when I felt I needed her.  She was wonderful in coaching my husband and my mom to support me by massage during contractions and many other helpful techniques.  She even brought me chicken broth, which was the only thing I could keep down and it absolutely helped me regain my strength.  I chose to go a different direction than my birth plan and Jocelyn was so supportive in my choices.  My son was born early in the morning on November 30th, and Jocelyn was very involved during pushing and delivery, and she was very quick to coach me on achieving a proper latch right away, which was so helpful and important because it gave me a sense of confidence immediately.  Overall, Jocelyn was very professional and well-prepared, and she always made me feel at ease and respected.  She is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her!”      ~Colleen, Pembroke, MA
“Jocelyn was supportive, caring & empowering! We had the most beautiful birth experience and her encouragement throughout the pregnancy helped instill peace & confidence in me throughout our journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”               ~Cassie, Millis, MA
“Jocelyn was an essential part of our postpartum recovery.  Her support and encouragement was hugely beneficial.  She made us feel very comfortable and fit right in with our little family.  She surpassed our expectations and we would recommend her services to anyone!”              ~Aubrey, Scituate, MA
“It was getting closer to our due date, and I still hadn’t found a doula. Jocelyn responded immediately to my inquiry and arranged to meet my husband and me that week for a consultation at my office downtown. Her demeanor from the beginning was calm and reassuring, with an obvious emphasis on listening closely for our needs and anxieties. She offered advice when we asked for it, never offered unsolicited advice, respected our need to make some decisions privately, and supported them consistently. When the birth did not go at all as I’d hoped, she remained calm and patient, and I was even more grateful that my husband and I had Jocelyn to support us through the ups and downs. Then, after the birth, when my husband had to travel for work, and I was pumping furiously to treat mastitis, Jocelyn was able to stay overnight as our postpartum doula. Her care of our baby in addition to her help with household chores was invaluable in those exhausting, early days. I can’t thank or recommend her enough!”             ~Indrany, Boston, MA
“I’d like to let you know how amazing it was to have Shannon by my side for my birth experience. Friends of mine have told me about poor birth experiences they had, and I feel so lucky to report that mine was great. This was largely due to Shannon and her expertise. I honestly can’t imagine having done it without her. She hit all the right pressure points to soothe my contractions, was an amazing pushing coach, and was a complete trooper through a long long hospital process. My husband is wonderful but she knew how to get me through labor and he nor anyone else would have been able to replace her. Also, the hospital staff (doctors and nurses) loved her.”                         ~Clara, Plymouth, MA
“Shannon was truly fantastic! It was SUCH a comfort to both my husband and I to have her there with us. It was definitely a much longer and more challenging labor than I expected between my SPD issues and then having to be on a monitor for much of the labor due to baby’s heart rate… we were so grateful Shannon was there to support us through the process. I think her support, knowledge and experience was a critical factor in helping me avoid an epidural despite being so limited in how I could labor. My only regret is that we didn’t know to do this for my first two labors!”               ~Meghan, Bridgewater, MA

Provider Testimonials:

“Jocelyn was awesome.  She was knowledgeable of labor progress and process and helped mom through each phase.  She was very attentive and is a great doula for labor support.” ~Denise, RN, BID-Plymouth

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