Stimulation vs. Overstimulation in Babies

We live in a world that is very stimulating to the people who move through it. The way technology has developed, with the everyday use and dependence on smartphones, being stimulated is something we seek out hundreds of times each day. However, when a baby is born, stimulation is something that happens naturally by merely … Read moreStimulation vs. Overstimulation in Babies

Beginning Positive Parenting

If you look in parenting groups, playgrounds, and twitter feeds, parenting is portrayed as a phase of life to survive or a time when people who live together seem to shuffle agony around and around until everyone is slamming doors, complaining about screen time, and tearfully looking for a shoulder to cry on. And that … Read moreBeginning Positive Parenting

Should Your Partner Go To Ultrasound Appointments?

We are in a new world for partners and husbands. Until recently, men worried only about being in the waiting room to hear the announcement of their child’s birth and the well being of their spouse. Now, partners are expected to not only be in the birth room but be an active and knowledgeable support … Read moreShould Your Partner Go To Ultrasound Appointments?